Homoeopathy, general outlines and possible approaches.

In view of the considerable confusion surrounding the concept of homoeopathy, the basic concepts of homoeopathic medicine and possible approaches to the animal husbandry were then clarified
.In particular, a problem of internal parasite infestation on a buffalo farm was analysed, highlighting homoeopathy different approached to problems. An all-round concept that, in addition to finding a remedy on the basis of the data collected on the animals, analyses every detail, from the feed to the behaviour of the people in the barn, from the living conditions to the behavioural reactions of the animals.

The conclusion of this case shows an improvement in the general condition of the animals in the medium term (one year) and leads onto the following important reflection: "whether one believes in homoeopathy or not, its all-encompassing analytical approach in managing a problem should be an example not only for a veterinarian, but also and especially for a farmer".
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